Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 2

We went back to Artem today to see our little guy. He cried a lot again, but a little less than yesterday. He has a cold and is teething, so combine that with the anxiety of being with two strangers, he has had an appresenvie couple of days. Today towards the end of our visit, he showed some signs of warming up to us. In the gym, there are several rocking horse type animals, and he liked to ride them. Still no smile - but last time it took several days. We look forward to being with him again tomorrow.

Tonight we had dinner at the VMI with Glenn, Lisa and their daughter Annastasia. They gave us a few pointers on court and we were able to see how well their daughter seems to be bonding and attaching to them. She is a hoot! They also gave us a spare adapter so we are using an internet card in our room instead of borrowing the hotel computer.

In the morning we leave at 9am, and along with the Duda family we go to the notary and sign updated medicals. We will also exhange some money (exhange rate not so good right now), and go to the baby home. After the baby home, Anya and Vlad will take us to the baby store and to the grocery.

It is 9pm and we are exhausted!


  1. God how I wish you could peek at our little one and give us an update. I can just picture you there and I know she is sooo close!! I'm so happy for you and Lisa :o) Tell them HI from us. I just got some bad news so I'm pretty down.

  2. Hey!! Glad you guys made it! So excited for you. Have you met Pam? Seek her out -- she's by herself... and might enjoy some adult convo!!