Sunday, October 18, 2009

Days 13/14, October 17th and 18th, 2009

Our last weekend before Gotcha Day! We spent Saturday and Sunday taking care of some chores and preparing for the arrival of our son. Saturday we did some laundry, and relaxed before heading to the White Rabbit for dinner with Gloria. Today we did another load of laundry and ironed all of our Gotcha Day clothes. We enjoyed a little nap time this afternoon and just finished dinner and are now settling in for a little TV and probably an early bed time.

Tomorrow we have our last normal visit at the baby home, and then we will head to the grocery store to pick up groceries for the rest of our time here. On Tuesday I will go downtown to sign the rest of our documents, then we will head to the baby home one last time to pick our little guy! Wednesday we will go get the little guy checked out for his medical exam, then we basically just wait around the hotel for a week until it’s time for us to leave.


  1. So very glad to hear such good news! SO glad that things are so close to being DONE!

  2. Have a great visit! I hope to see you guys before you leave this morning!