Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adoption Books

We have 2 adoption books that we read to Jackson on a regular basis. I Wished for You - An Adoption Story by Marianne Richmond, and, Tell Me Again : About the Night I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis
Both these books are great and are age appropriate for Jack. He LOVES books and we read several times a day. We are now looking for some new adoption books. I found the 2 above, and they have good reviews. Does anyone have an opinion on these particular books or have suggestions on others?


  1. thanks for the book suggestions...i will definitely be adding those to our collection! we read "A BLESSING FROM ABOVE" and "THROUGH MOON, STARS and NIGHT SKIES" regularly to Logan. They are sweet stories about adoptive families. Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. I haven't started reading to Clara yet, but we have A Mother for Choco. I absolutely love it - both Kevin and I cried when we first read it :)

  3. we have a mother for Choco as well and both Hannah and Ivan love it, as do I.