Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Show Me State

Jackson and I had a really nice trip to see my side of the family last week, although we did miss Bill/Daddy a lot!

As you see from the pictures above, we were busy, busy! Jackson met his Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts. He also met his cousin Conner, and although they were not too interested in each other at first, they soon became friends (they even shared their snack!).

Since American Airlines wouldn't ship our crib for free, Jackson had to sleep with Mommy. WOW! That is all I can say about that experience. I cannot count on all my fingers the times he almost knocked me out cold with a head butt or kick to the throat in the night. He is a wild sleeper. He also talks out loud in his sleep, and sucks his thumb (loudly) when he sleeps (both of which are super cute).

Jack did well on our flights (4 total). On the way there, he was too excited about being on the airplane so he wasn't about to fall asleep. On the way back, he was knocked OUT on both flights! He was so exhausted from our long weekend that he just couldn't hold his little eyes open any longer :)

Jack socialized well, and interacted well with everyone. He always came back to me after interacting with others, which I was very pleased with. Since I had to go back to work right away after we brought him home, and I also work long hours - I have questioned how bonded he is to me. This trip made me feel much better overall about it. Not just his behavior, but the fact that we were able to spend some good quality Mommy/Son time together. Even though I couldn't keep my eyes open on the plane rides coming home either, my heart was smiling :)


  1. Glad you had a good trip! Love the pictures! Jackson gets cuter every time I see him!

  2. So glad to hear that you had a good trip and how wonderful it must have been for Jack to meet your family!!! He is absolutely adorable!!!

  3. This made MY heart smile!! Glad to hear you had a wonderful trip.

  4. Sounds like an awesome time! Where are your folks at in MO? Next time your heading that way let us know and maybe we can meet up for a visit!