Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update on the disrupted adoption in the news

Here is a pretty in depth article about the adoption controversy in the news. The article is from The Tennessean in Nashville, TN which is fairly close to the town where Ms. Hansen lives. I don't believe this grandmother when she says the possible psychological problems were withheld by the orphanage. When we spoke to their doctors about Jack, they had a whole laundry list of stuff that may or may not be wrong with him, and that's what we have heard other people say the doctors have said. In my opinion, the doctors over there try to dissuade people from adopting by telling them all of these potential problems rather than hide stuff like this family is claiming. In addition to the doctors saying these things, WACAP staff expected us to decline Jack's referral just because he cried for the entire time we visited him once on Trip One. I think both the Russian doctors and WACAP staff choose to err much to the side of caution on these medical issues and potential problems than the other way around like the Hansen's are claiming. I think this is a cop out by the family, and unfortunately I think the uninformed public will believe it because I think I would believe it if we didn't have our own personal experience.


  1. She is in the next town over, I might drive by here house. I am certainly going to write the DA and strongly suggest this woman be jailed!

  2. I will echo Bill and Michelle, as we were given a plethora of information regarding our children, both written and verbal by the Children's Home. The doctor was also forthright and told us of things that had been mentioned regarding our boys, which were alarmist and unfounded as time goes on. We are so very thankful for all the assistance of WACAP and the Russian officials! We are also so saddened by the extremely selfish choice one person has made that will inadvertently effect so many others!