Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Picnics and Pucks!

Hello again from Curran Land! As you can see, the weather here has been pretty much perfect the last few weeks which has led us to get out and enjoy each other in the fresh air. The winter seemed to last forever, but the last two or three weeks have made up for months of cold.

Last week we took Jack on his first ever picnic at a park in our neighborhood. Jack and I picked Michelle up from work and we had sandwiches in the park followed by some playground time. Jack thought it was pretty cool to eat outside, and he loved climbing all over the playground stuff afterwards. He had such a good time with the picnic that we took our dinner outside last Saturday night and had another picnic in our backyard. Jack loves being outside and we look forward to more picnics in the near future!

Also recently, Michelle brought Jack up to the high school were I play roller hockey with a bunch of guys every Saturday morning. Jack brought his little Nerf hockey stick and he probably would have gotten right in the game with us if we would have let him. He liked playing with my stick better than his Nerf stick, and he is already showing a great slap shot. I can't wait to get him into a pair of skates! Maybe we are raising the next Alex Ovechkin!

In addition to all of the fun we are having with Jack, we continue to closely follow the case of Torrey Hansen. We still can't wrap our minds around what she did, but that's not what we want to comment on right now. We've pretty much been reading or watching everything we can related to this story, and the one common denominator with the whole story to me is that people are GROSSLY misinformed about adoption. From major network news stories to local newspaper reporters there are just misreported facts everywhere. Don't even get me started on the comments that readers are leaving on news websites in responses to stories about the whole thing. Anyway, all of this misinformation and ignorance surrounding adoption makes us really appreciate our friends and family members who took the time to educate themselves about our adoption process and ask us questions when they misunderstood stuff. Thank you again for your unconditional love and support of our family!


  1. Cute pictures!

    And I agree--there is a lot of ignorance and false info out there regarding adoption.

  2. Great Pictures! We did the same, we had a picnic in our own back yard :-) with our little boy

  3. Jack is adorable!!! Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Matt would stay outside all day everyday if we let him too!
    Agree, agree with the ignorance of others regarding adoption! I am trying my best these days to let comments that people make go in one ear and out the other!!!

  4. Great pictures! Love them all!