Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter weekend from the Currans!

Michelle and Jack left on Wednesday night for their trip to visit Michelle's family in Missouri. She had a bunch of skymiles from her business travels and was able to get tickets for herself and Jack for peanuts. We never could find a decent ticket price for me, so the two of them took off on a trip together and I stayed home to take care of the four furry kids.

Michelle reports from the road that everything is going very well on their trip. Jack is really enjoying meeting his Grandma and Grandpa from Missouri as well as his uncles and Great Grandparents. I think that everyone is enjoying meeting him too! While they are staying at Grandpa Tony's house, Michelle and Jack are sharing a bedroom, to which Michelle tells me that Jack talks in his sleep all night, sucks his thumb loudly and rolls around too much. Sounds like she is getting about the same treatment from him that she gets from me at home!

While Mommy and Jack are in Missouri, I have realized that a quiet house is kind of boring! I miss hearing my little guy saying "hi" to me in the morning and calling me "Mama"! I might have to read the dogs to sleep tonight since I am going through "Goodnight Moon" withdrawal. I can't wait until they get home on Sunday. I will be waiting for them at the airport and I hope Michelle is ready for me to hog Jack that night. Something tells me that she'll be ready for a break after travelling with a toddler for 5 straight days.

The pictures above are from our early Easter celebration. Jack loves his Easter basket. The Easter Bunny gave him some cool stuff!

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  1. I understand your withdrawl, Bill!! Such a great dad! Amazing how they change your life in such a great way, huh?

    Glad to hear that Michelle and Jack are having fun!!