Thursday, April 8, 2010

I just don't get it?

It is a huge undertaking to adopt a child internationally. We continue to look bad in the eyes of Russia because of a handful of parents seem to have poor judgement!?! Why go through the mounds of paperwork, time, and expense to do this?

There are proper procedures to take for a disrupted adoption, and this is definitely not the proper procedure. Many Americans (such as our family) are keeping an eye out for disruptive International and Domestic adoption opportunities. This child could have been an opportunity for a loving family to step in & grow their family.

It is essential we continue to pave the way positively so others can adopt from Russia (such as post placement reports). Many families are between their 1st and 2nd visit - so let's hope this doesn't affect them.


  1. Isn't it just amazing that someone could do something like this? We are going to court in two weeks and I'm really worried now....God bless this poor little boy.

  2. This makes me furious! And the boy was from Vladivostok. I really hope and pray this does not affect those in process.

  3. I am seriously in shock....just can't even believe that someone would do this and more how this child could get on not 1 but 2 airplanes by himself and noone from the airlines ever questioned what was going on??? Truely unbelievable.

  4. Unbelievable that someone would do this to a child, and then affect thousands of others who might be adopted in the future!