Saturday, July 30, 2011

3 year well visit

Jackson had his 3 year well visit last week. All is well, he continues to grow and is now 28 lbs and 37" tall. He also just graduated to a size NINE shoe! It seems every other week his shoe size increases.
He officially has a Mickey Mouse bathroom now. He is pretty impressed, and goes in often to check it out. I still need to add a couple things to make it perfect.
Jackson has also been in a big boy bed since July 11th. The first night was a no-go, but since then he has had no major issues (just the normal routine of not wanting to go to bed). Daddy and Jack took down the crib last weekend and put it in the shed. It just makes him look so grown up to me. I have the emotional combination of being proud, and also being sad (yes, I know that sounds weird).
I also think that Bill and I have both officially agreed that Jack is ready for a brother. With that said, there is just no way that is in the cards financially right now, so it just is impossible. I have been mourning this realization that he will not have a sibling for some time, and actually am tearing up thinking about it so I will stop. Luckily, Bill is a big kid so Jackson can use him as a sibling :)
Tomorrow Bill goes to work, and Jack and I will have Mommy-Son day. I am trying to come up with something genius to do. Tonight, Bill and Jackson will grill out and we will stay in. Bill grills out once a week, and I really enjoy watching them in the yard.
We hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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