Friday, July 8, 2011

Reward for being good during the haircut

Chuck E Cheese's! Jack has officially started saying "money Mommy", and holding out his hand. If I do not respond to his liking, he physically takes it out of my pocket. He knows how to put the money in the game - and isn't even playing that it has to be done right NOW. We ended up winning enough tickets for a couple tattoos!

This game shakes the poo out of you, the verdict is still out on if he liked it or not.
Action shot! Throwing balls at flies for tickets.

Waving to his fans from the carousel.

This hydraulic truck scared him for a minute, but he ended up really liking it.

Po-po alert!

Talking on the phone to Chuck E Cheese.

What a ham! Loves that mouse!

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  1. It's starts so young, the asking for money bit. I used to teach kindergarten and one of the parents managed to convince her daughter that Chuck E Cheese was in "invitation only" establishment. Meaning if you were not invited to a friend's birthday party there you couldn't step foot in the door...a concept I may embrace.