Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big boy bed?

Yesterday before Daddy left for work, he pulled Jacks big boy bed out of the storage building. As you can see, Jackson enjoyed cleaning it. He turns 3 in a couple weeks, and although he hasn't shown signs of moving out of his crib, I feel super guilty that we should try to make the transition soon.

We put his bed by the crib and he insisted that the mattress go on it immediately! He did enjoy reading to Monkey on the big boy bed. He kept telling Monkey "see my big boy bed Monkey??"

Last night, Bill attempted to let him sleep in it for the first night. Needless to say, the score is big boy bed = 0, crib = 1. He was pretty distraught about the situation to say the least. I think we will just leave both beds in the room so he can start to get comfortable with the bed and eventually transition over. Everything we have done so far, we have done very, very, s...l....o...w...., so why not this as well?! No rush I guess. To be continued.....


  1. You cracking me up in so many ways. #1 - T was also over 3 before our big move. She wasn't trying to get out of the crib either. #2 - She has the same ladybug pillow pet!! #3 - We left the crib up with the toddler bed at the same time too. #4 - First night was a no go!

    Have faith - I can't remember if it was night #2 or #3 that was a success -- and after that -- no looking back!!! :)

    Maybe they are meant to be a pair :)

  2. Count your blessings that he is not trying to climb out of the crib! If Matt had not, I would have kept him in the crib as long as possible but unfortunately we were not that lucky! It was a tough transition to a big boy bed but you will get there!!! If I were to just put Matt in bed he would never stay in it so we have to have him asleep of lay next to him until he is asleep! Hopefully we can transition out of that one of these days soon but we just take it one day at a time! :)