Sunday, July 10, 2011

A new vacuum = Jackson is in LOVE

2011 has been a rough year on our appliances. The stove broke, the washing machine broke, the dryer broke, the refrigerator is making funny noises, the hot water heater exploded, the dishwasher is on its last leg and Jack's beloved vacuum finally died. I got online and did some research on the 'best vacuums for the money', and read a lot of reviews before Jack and I went to make our new purchase. We had a 15% off coupon and $40 credit at the store, so we got this (ugly gold) beauty fairly cheap. It took me about a month of drooling over the cool Dyson vacuums to realize that we really couldn't afford one - but a girl has dreams. I digress....
So Jackson helped me pick out this one, and he was really excited to go and buy it. We even made up a song "Were going to go buy a vacuum, were going to go buy a vacuum". When we got home, it was in what seemed to be a million pieces (probably like 10 pieces, but who is counting?), so we put it together. Jack kept jumping up and down singing the song and squealing like it was Christmas morning! Ha!

"Mama me vacuum all by myself"

I think I will pull this attachment off and see if Mama can put it back on AGAIN.

Love at first site!


  1. You should see the tears and stomping that arise when I try to put our vacuum away...drama.

  2. What is it with our kids and vacuums? We bought Charlie a fake one that sounds real just so we can actually vacuum the floor without vacuuming him.

  3. We had the expensive Dyson, Did not work as well as the new/cheaper one we bought. DOGS!