Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer vacation - LOTS of pictures!

Jackson and I had a lot of fun in Missouri! Overall, he was an angel, in spite of the time change, running around & schedule change. Daddy stayed home due to starting a new job recently, so J and I had some good bonding time and we both enjoyed ourselves.

Jack posing for a picture with Uncle Mark and 1st cousin Sofia. Sofia kept pulling his hair and face! He really loves her, he pets her like a puppy and gives her a lot of kisses.

Jackson is playing with my best friend April's son - Chase. They had a good time.

Riding the 4-wheeler with Grandpa Tony in the yard.

Nothing like a Zamboni and school bus toy on the plane to keep us busy!

A little more distraction - coloring with monkey on the plane.

Jackson and Monkey finally feel asleep on flight #4. They were both tired from our trip.

Jackson is learning how to use the camera. He took this picture of monkey and the plane during our wait (rather artistic don't you think???).

Trying to take the camera away from me in the airport.

Looking cheesy!!!

Uncle Mark took us to this man made lake in Missouri.

Admiring the view at the lake. It was peaceful down there.

Uncle Mark took us to see some animals. Jackson liked the Mama and babies.

This buffalo was right beside us, made me a little nervous.

Uncle Mark feeding the Zebra some left over Delta snacks I had in my purse.

Mommy - son time at the creek that I played at when I was a kid.

Throwing some rocks.

1st time seeing fireworks (note the hands over the ears). He enjoyed hanging out with Lauren and Chase, my buddy April's 2 kids.

Hiding behind a sheep that Grandma Louise gave him.

Jackson and Grandma Sherri,

Jackson and 2nd cousin Conner playing "Cowboy Pirates"!