Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Jackson is 3 years old today! We have basically had a month long celebration for him, although today makes it official. We met him 2 years ago this month, and decided to become a family of 3. It just seems like we have always been together, and God made us all whole.

Last weekend we went to Knoxville, and celebrated with the Curran side of the family. We ended up having his party at the Hilton on the patio, and it worked out well. Lots of fenced in space to run around. Jackson was able to see all of his cousins, and really enjoyed himself. He is an avid Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan, so that was the theme this year (last year it was Thomas the Train).

Daddy and Jackson being silly last night while having cake and ice cream.

Lawnmower gift from cousin Emily - this was a favorite!

Opening the lawnmower.

Opening up a gift from Uncle Jim and Aunt Rita.

Running 2 cool cars from Nana and Papa.

Opening gifts from cousins Megan, Katie and Amanda.

Remote control Zamboni from Grandma Sherri - another favorite!

Mickey Mouse t-shirt from Mommy and Daddy (he loves Mickey Mouse!).

Opening a Mickey Mouse Doctors kit. He has checked our health a lot lately, including the pets.

Fun with a Mickeyballoon.

Blowing out the candles! Happy #3!

Looking pretty cool in my Mickey ears!

The Curran group.

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  1. Awww Happy Birthday Jackson! Boy he is just growing up into the cutest little boy!